Explore Dynamics 365 Sales Marketing capabilities.

Win more deals with relationship selling—bringing Dynamics 365 Sales, Office 365, and LinkedIn together.

Sell smarter with contextual insights

Improve conversion and win rates

Lead and opportunity scoring based on advanced scoring models to identify customers most likely to convert and buy.

Increase response rates

Warm introductions from colleagues who are already emailing, meeting, and collaborating with prospects.

Tailor engagement based on contextual insights

Recommend personalized talking points and next best actions.

Show sellers when and how customers interact

Be more proactive and responsive in their email communications.

Build relationships

Unify relationship data and processes

Sales Navigator integrated with LinkedIn so sellers can build trust and easily manage relationships at scale.

Get profiles and insights with LinkedIn Sales

Included related leads and ways to secure a warm introduction.

Keep track of contacts

Visualize relationships among contacts with interactive org charts

Collaborate and personalize sales documents

Embedded Office 365 tools—fitting the way sellers work.

See the customer’s point of view

Improve sales engagement by bringing your customer data together with survey insights from Microsoft Forms Pro—included with Dynamics 365 Sales.

Free up more time for selling

Minimize routine tasks

Contextual prompts that, as sellers enter notes, suggest new records to create.

Concentrate on selling

Sales playbooks that contain repeatable, winning sales techniques and contextual reference materials.

Spend less time

With modern sales enablement capabilities that intelligently recommend the most relevant content and related training to sellers.

Reduce training

A business process UI that provides contextual guidance during every phase of the sales cycle.

Boost sales productivity with seamless tools

Collaborate on deals and follow up

Functions and geography with customer information and document sharing directly from Microsoft Teams, a modern hub for chat, meetings, documents, and business applications.

Minimize manual data entry

Scanning and converting business cards into new records in Dynamics 365.

Streamline workflow

With modern mobile applications and familiar tools like Outlook, Excel, and SharePoint that work seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Sales.

Recruit, onboard, and strengthen your partner channel

Give partners a quick view of interactions across opportunities, cases, and other relevant information with partner relationship management.